【Award】Microsoft Japan Award at TRAN/SUM Pitch Run

OneFall Lab Co., Ltd.(headquartered at Minato-ku, Tokyo), which is engaged in “the overall optimization of society by location information”, got the Microsoft Japan Prize in the pitch contest of  “TRAN/SUM”, a symposium sponsored by NIKKEI on the theme of “mobility revolution” held  on December 6-8.

Mr. Hiroyuki Shimizu, Director of Maas and Smart Building Solutions Division, Microsoft Japan, who served as the director of the review, said,
“OneForAll Lab was the company that said it couldn’t be removed from the selection process. Maas is divided into five stages depending on the degree of integration of each service, from level 0 of “no integration” where each service remains independent. There is up to level 4, when countries, local governments and businesses cooperate on the state of transportation at the urban planning and policy level. But without real-time estimation and prediction of human currents, we view level 4, that is, a social system that regards “movement” by all means of transportation as one service and connects seamlessly cannot be realized. We, Microsoft Japan, wanted to support them from the perspective of a potential infrastructure that is key to level 4 realization and a solution approach to social issues not limited to Maas.”